Mitt Romney says he is not concerned about the (very) poor

With a presidential candidate such as that who needs problems

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

No_Apology US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said recently, though he claimed later that he was totally misrepresented and that what he said was taken out of context (don't they always claim that when they make such a gaffe) that he is not concerned about the (very) poor, as they have the safety net of welfare to fall back on. He has only middle America at heart, he said. Those that do not have such a safety net.

No, Mr. Romney, Middle America is not the 1% to which you belong. And therefore I really do not believe that Mr. Romney has but the smallest of regard for the average American, aka Middle America. With the exception, that is, to get them to vote for him.

Mitt Romney, like so many other candidates before him in the GOP, is one of the wealthiest of the wealthy, though maybe not in the Warren Buffett category but... His only regard for the American middle class, aka Middle America, is to bamboozle them enough so that they cast their vote for him.

Not that that really would decide the outcome as to who is to be POTUS. That decision is made in a conclave and not necessarily in line with the wishes of the electorate.

However, from what Mitt Romney has said we can just about work out what he, and more than likely the rest of the GOP, think of people who are not in work, for instance, even if by no fault of their own.

What else, however, could one expect from someone who seems to be able to work the system min such a way that he, with his huge income, pays less taxes than the average auto worker. Nice work if you can get it.

By their fruits ye shall know them, says the good book and that does not just apply to the church.

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