Jennifer Aniston’s Secret of Glowing Youthful Skin Examines Jennifer Aniston’s Secret of Glowing Youthful Skin - Enter Stage the New Anti-Aging Diet knows what Jennifer has incorporated in her diet - Lots of anti-aging foods instead of carbs is what’s keeping her young and fit. Vegas, NV, February 2012 : It isn’t by any strange coincidence or super-human genes that Hollywood Actress Jennifer Aniston looks as young as she does. The 42-year old actress and former star of NBC’s highly successful “Friends” TV-sitcom has been engaging the science of anti-aging foods. A recent article at looks into this growing health craze which has been providing men and women worldwide reduced facial wrinkles and enhance their glowing and youthful appearance.

Although many people say that the age of 42 is the new 29, it is quite amazing how much of a youthful appearance Aniston has maintained over the past few decades. For those suggesting that plastic surgery or Bo-Toxin treatments are what keeps her skin appealing, they’d be very wrong to assume this to be the case.

According to Carrie Waitt, Jennifer Aniston’s nutritionist and founder of the meal delivery service Diet Designs, the key was a high-protein and low carbohydrate diet, enriched with plenty of vegetables and fruits and absolutely zero processed foods.

It is no secret that many celebrities and many Americans for that matter adhere to strict, anti-aging diets and exercise routines in order to maintain their youthful appearance, but what is it specifically about Aniston’s diet which keeps her looking youthful and sexy? Once again, according to Waitt, Aniston lost over five kilos of weight during her anti-aging diet, in which she started her day with a healthy breakfast consisting of a bowl of muesli with skimmed milk and blackberries, and finished with a rhubarb and guava shake.

Aniston and other age defying celebrities are working towards fighting their age by eating just the right kind of foods that are good for their glowing skin and support consistent fitness. With a definitive diet plan, each celebrity consumes their daily dose of anti-aging foods in some form or another.

According to, scientific research on genetic sequencing has revealed that the telomere and telomerase enzymes are the main factor in DNA deterioration and aging. It’s the telomeres, the little caps on the end of your chromosomes, that control cell division. The longer these cells can live, the better your body can fight the signs of aging. Therefore, life and youth extension is possible when eating foods that limit degeneration of telomeres in the body.

It has been discovered that anti-aging foods comprise of large amounts of vitamin E, vitamin D or omega 3 fatty acids that claim to activate the telomerase activity in the cell and help in maintaining the length of telomeres on chromosomes. Today, scientific research has confirmed that consuming anti-aging foods like green tea, kale, walnuts, etc. regularly can help maintain health and retain youthfulness. Larger portions of super-foods and vitamin rich anti-aging foods like berries, sprouts and whole cereal grains and cutting down on carbs is a great way to keep those wrinkles at bay.

As the body gets older, one of the most visible side effects is wrinkles. advises on eating anti-aging foods to deal with this issue from the root. The antioxidants in anti-aging foods will help the body look and feel the best. This natural route will prevent the need of plastic surgery or other dangerous methods of staying youthful. Making dietary changes and eating anti-aging foods instead of carbs is a good choice for all those looking to keep themselves young and fit.

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