No more sun in 2012 predicted... people preparing for winter already.

People are predicting that 2012 will see barely any sun and as a result temperatures will begin to plummet even earlier in the year than normal

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Several experts have so far predicted that the current ‘rainy season’ that we are experiencing in Britain is entirely down to global warming; whilst others are pinpointing these climate shifts and dramatic seasonal changes on other phenomena. Regardless of the cause, most reckon that the sun won’t make a dramatic appearance for the rest of 2012 and as a result, winter and a drop in temperature will come much sooner than the UK is used to.

The other phenomenons that experts blame for these climate shifts and seasonal changes are, amongst others, the fact that this summer the jet stream did not arrive at the British shore and instead has been heading further south, giving temperatures in the high 40s Celsius in the Mediterranean areas.

The shift in the jet stream can be as a result of geomagnetic changes brought about by a continental shift, resultant from the earthquake off the shores of Japan that cause the Fukushima reactor meltdown, according a to a source at the USGS and also due to the relocation of the magnetic north pole in relation to true north due to a possible change Earth axis' tilt.

If it is the case that we won't be seeing much, if any, of the sun in any significant measure, in the coming months then the best advice to people can but be to prepare now and those that have to buy in additional heaters and especially winter fuel in the form of heating oil, propane gas, or firewood, should do this now before the prices with rocket later.

Even if the weather predictions are wrong for the rest of 2012, you won’t have lost out on anything. Winter will eventually come around in one way or another and when the cold temperatures set in

When winter eventually arrives, as it will, though it could be an entirely different scenario than we expect, even if we do not end up with freeing temperatures for much of the time a prolonged spell of cooler and colder than normal will mean that we will have to heat our homes and if you can buy your fuels, such as firewood now, at a lower rate than you may have to pay later, and the same for those who heat with oil or propane, the better.

Remember, be prepared. No matter how unlikely something seems, nothing’s impossible when it comes to the weather... especially in the UK.

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