Ethel Gloves Garden 4x Work Gloves – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Ethel4XGlovesLovingly crafted from bamboo and synthetic leather (no suede here), this beauty is the little black dress of the Ethel collection.

The sleek, black front provides an elegant contrast to the caramel-colored palm and reinforced fingertips.

  • Material4x™ palm guaranteed to last

  • Moisture-wicking bamboo top of hand

  • Extended cuff

  • Reinforced fingertips

  • Machine washable

These Garden 4x gloves by Ethel are made from bamboo fiber materials, synthetic leather for the palm which looks like suede but is not. They are vegan, anti-microbial, wick away moisture and offer more stretch than ordinary fabric. They also look good.

Ethel work gloves are designed for the female rather than the male but the Garden 4x gloves would also not look wrong worn by a man and neither, though not reviewed, would the Ethel Leather or the Bamboo Colors.

The material is said to have been tested to show that it lasts 4 times longer than other gloves, and I cannot, so far confirm as to yay or nay, the palm, said to be extremely puncture resistant, gave access to bramble and other thorns quite freely.

However, when tackling brambles with awareness it is possible, without any injury or hurt, to actually strip the thorns off the stalk and then use full grip to pull the runners out.

The Ethel Garden 4x gloves are also a very smart piece of kit for the equestrian person and will make working with horses and livestock a lot more safer and kinder to the hands.

If I would still be handling horses and other livestock I certainly would make those gloves my choice but as I no longer do but am an avid cyclist, as being a non-driver, they will do a great service in that field and be a lot longer lasting and thus cheaper than those that are sold for cycling in the specialist stores.

Ethel, based in the USA, makes a range of different kinds of work gloves, primarily for the garden, and the female, and the entire range is now available via Bulldog Tools in the UK.

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