Fear is used to control you

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Fear is the greatest controller that the government (and not just the government) has over you and me and the governments especially are exploiting this to the absolute maximum.

We are told that there is a terrorist threat and that, because of that, the government has to curtail our freedoms and spy on us on every level and we, as the sheeple that we seem to be, swallow that message hook, line, and sinker.

Crime is allowed to get out of hand so that the powers that be can install ever more sophisticate surveillance systems, from CCTV to scatter radar, and even using surveillance drones. It is for our safety, we are told and, because we are made afraid, we buy into this.

You are also told that if you if you are attacked and retaliate you may be charged with a felony rather than you attacker and thus you allow yourself to be afraid and become a victim and, often, asking for more security and protection.

Not so long ago it was the norm for every person in Britain – in almost all areas – to carry a cudgel. A cudgel was a stout short stick, carried under the arm very much like am officer's cane or corporal's staff, made from Hazel or Oak or whatever coppiced wood and weighted at the business end with lead. This cudgel was carried to ward off attacks by marauders, whether two-legged or four-legged. Today doing that would be illegal and considered a felony under the “offensive weapons act”.

What is offensive on a stick I carry for defense. It would appear that it is an offense to be on the defense. And I apologize for the pun and all that.

However, it is, more or less, illegal to defend oneself, at least in Britain, and to be going prepared to defend oneself, as that is, so the power that be keep telling us, the job of the police.

Really? And how long is the response time? You are lucky of they arrive three days later, in the form of some PCSOs, to take a statement. That is if you can still give a statement and don't happen to be dead.

Our fear, and the way the powers that be exploit it, also allow the criminals a free field to do as they like without having to fear any response that might be hurting them.

But, just for a moment, imagine the way it should be, also in the UK, with every citizen carrying a firearm for his defense and that of the realm. How would the criminals react?

No! Unlike the way the government would wish to claim of getting more violent they would be scared stiff to get shot or otherwise killed. And, very much like in the USA where concealed and open carry is the norm, the rate of crimes, all types of crimes against persons and property, would decline to almost zero.

It is time that we, the people, reclaimed our rights and, in some cases, the requirements, of being a citizen.

© 2012