Do people have too much money to waste, despite the downturn?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Time and again I am totally surprised as to what people throw away in parks and open spaces after, say, a picnic.

There we have stainless steel cutlery, blankets, and much more and all costs money to buy in the first place and to replace.

OK, the blanket, used for a picnic, that was found had gotten a little dirty from the fact that it was used on the ground but after a wash it was complete clean again. So why leave it behind, why throw it away?

And this is but a small collection, so to speak, of what, on a regular basis, is left behind in public parks with no one coming back ever to reclaim it (cheaper for them, I guess, and more convenient, to replace rather that to come back and look and ask) and what is purposely thrown away.

They come for a picnic and just cannot be bothered to take the flatware, and other stuff, including plates, home with them. So they just throw it into the trash (or leave it all on the ground, including their trash).

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