Beehives stolen by Dept of Agriculture of Illinois?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

What happened to Terry Ingram’s beehives? Did the Illinois Dept of Ag steal those beehives?

Terry Ingram is a well-educated farmer who holds degrees in physics and mathematics, with minors in history, biology and education. He has been farming for over 50 years, has been a beekeeper, apiary instructor and bee researcher for over 56 years. He was also a columnist with the prestigious American Bee Journal. Terry has been working to raise awareness about the devastating impact of agro-chemicals on bees as well as other beings such as the Bald Eagle. He has been monitoring the impact and decline for many years.

Recently, however, Terry Ingram's beehives mysteriously disappeared from where they have been situated and he believes his bees were confiscated by the Illinois Department of Agriculture because he was developing a glyphosate resistant bee. This confiscation destroys years of his research.

Terry Ingram has been the Executive Director and President of the Eagle Nature Foundation since its inception in 1995. He has studied bald eagles for various businesses and organizations for close to 50 years. He also received the Sol Feinstone Environmental Award amongst many others for his efforts on behalf of the Bald Eagle. Terry is also an expert on eagles and is the author of the book, “Eagle” published by Friedman Publishers.

To all intents and purposes it would appear that that the governments in the US, whether local or federal impound and destroy anything that does not give them a backhander from sources in industry and one can but wonder in this instance.

In fact, I am beginning to wonder as to whether the decline in the bee populations across the globe are an engineering project by the powers that be so that people will have top buy GM foods and products which will have to be pollinated in a different way. But then my mind might just be running away with me.

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