We need a new system, not a new government

Politics as if people and Planet mattered

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

It is often being thought by people that if they just would get a new government, a different one from the present one, or a new president (as in the USA), or what have you, it will change things but it will not.

We do not need a new government or president but a complete change of the system. The old system is exploitative of people and Nature and is destroying the base of our very existence.

Government and corporations are not interested in people and the Planet but only in profit and power and we must put a stop to that. Can we do it? Yes, we can!

The way the system runs at the present moment, politically and economically, it is harming people and environment and it is threatening to destroy the entire Planet; and this is something that we, if we are all honest, cannot allow. It is, in fact, threatening our very existence.

This problem is not only found in the so-called developed world but everywhere for everything is now being based on capitalism, on ever more growth and expansion, fueled by greed and the exploitation of the working class.

But, will many say. We cannot work without government and without the system. Yes, we can! Government is not even a necessary evil, it is evil and not necessary.

But, in order to archive this everything must be brought down from a national level to a “small is beautiful”, local, and block, level while, at the same time, also looking at cooperation with everyone everywhere.

However, primarily, we must bring everything down (again) to a local level and to time before big government and government in general.

Although we have been taught that a (democratic) government is necessary for a society to function that is all a blatant untruth perpetuated to enslave us to the system and the rulers. There is no need for any top down government of any kind.

I am sure that we have all seen, by now, where that system has gotten us and it is irrelevant as to whether it is called democracy or whatever. Any government of this kind creates a ruling class, and elite, and a governed class, a proletariat. The latter being often treated like children, or worse, imbeciles.

The time has more than come for men to truly become free (and this also includes women and children) and to throw of the fetters of this kind of oppression by those that we – in the majority at least – believe to be our servants.

What we need is a new system and not a new (kind of) government. This can only be achieved from the bottom up and on a local, on a micro level. No “elected representative”, no political party, can do this for us. We must do it ourselves.

Sin Fein! Ourselves Alone!

© 2012