Sorry, the bread and wine become what?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

transubstantiation-150x150 The Catholic Church (and churches that follow its teachings to some extent, such as the Anglican community and the Lutheran church) teach that the bread and wine at the communion becomes the actual body and blood of Christ. How can anyone in their right mind believe such humbug?

I do have no problem with G-d but with his ground personnel and with the teachings of the churches, based on a book that cannot, if one would but look at how it came about, be seen as the word of G-d.

First of all it dos not say in the Bible that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ; it is an allegory. However, it is stuff that is directly taken from pagan beliefs which have all been infused into the assembly of the Bible when Constantine had it put together first.

Already in placing the supposed date of Jeshuah-bin-Miriam on December 25, making it one with the birthday of the sun and of Mitras was one of those moves. It was followed by decreeing the transubstantiation stuff. All of it being linked to a number of “pagan” beliefs of the East that has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ and not even Judaism.

The teachings of all bar a few Christian churches are based on the Bible that Constantine had put together with many important parts being left out and that because it did not suit the agenda of the Emperor of Rome and leading high priest of various of the Roman religions. And this carries on to this very day.

We do not even want to talk about the intentional mistranslation of the writings, whether they were in Hebrew or Aramaic or even from the Greek, from which much was translated.

When it says that “G-d gave man skins” the Greek actually reads, in its original, derma for what was translated into skins. But derma only applies to Human skin and not to animal skins.

And if we look at the issue of Cain and Abel when, after Cain slew Abel, the former, as the latter was dead, went into another land and took unto himself a wife, it is very difficult to square that away with the Adam and Eve and the two boys having been the first and only people on Earth. I mean, where did the wife in the “other land” come from?

Often, when I ask “missionaries” this “impertinent” question I get answers such as: “Have you ever noticed that there are no women mentioned in the genealogies in the Bible?” “Well, yes”, I'll reply and they will then continue to tell me that Cain married his own sister. Aside from the incest bit that G-d, so we are told, forbids there is the other issue with this and that is “Cain went into another land to take unto himself a wife”.

I am not an atheist, but a deist, which means that while I believe in a G-d, whatever name you may wish to ascribe to this Creator or whatever gender or none, but that's about it.

The scriptures of all religions are great guidebooks as long as we use discernment but neither of them are “The Word of the Almighty” for they were not written by G-d nor are all the writings in the book or books.

Religion, especially organized religion in the form of the three major monotheistic Abrahamic “faiths”, is, as Karl Marx so rightly said, opium for the masses and, in fact, a great deal more.

They are, in the very fact, means of controlling the populous of many nations and, when it comes to the Catholic Church it, in fact, is the continuation of the Roman Empire by a different way.

Religion has been, and still is being used, to control the masses, and the laws that are based upon those religions basically stop the exploited masses from killing the rich, and the leaders.

It is always funny when the churches, who believe in an invisible savior up there somewhere beyond the clouds will ridicule other people's religious practices, whether it is the belief in the power of spirits, or stones, and whatever, such as the ancient practices of the Gypsy People.

When you believe that bread and wine turns into the body and blood of a son of G-d who ones was made man then it would be good, while sitting in the glasshouse, not to throw stones. In addition to that, this transubstantiation, this bread and wine becoming body and blood, also, theoretically means that this would be, albeit in a spiritual way, an act of cannibalism.

I rest my case (it's getting heavy).

© 2012