No need for unemployment

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

If you are unemployed it is not because there is no work. All you have to do is look around you and you will notice that what I am saying is correct. There is work enough but no jobs.

There is a housing shortage in the USA as much as in the UK, and other, so-called, developed, nations; there is crime; there is pollution. We also need better schools and parks; better villages, towns and cities; and still...

whatever our needs are and those of our communities, they all require work, much work, to be done.

And as long as we have unsatisfied needs, real needs, there is work to be done.

So, ask yourself: What kind of world and society do we live in that has work, lots of work, that needs doing, but has no jobs. It is a world where work is not related to satisfying our needs and that of our communities but a wold where work is only related to satisfying the profit and greed of businesses and their shareholders. It is a world where workers are exploited for greed.

This country (and in your mind's eye enter the name of your own) was not built by the huge corporations or government bureaucracies. It was built by people who work and worked. And, it is working people who should control the work to be done and the means of production.

Yet, as long as employment is tied to somebody else's profit and greed, the work needed will not get done and the workers are but wage slaves.

The system is the problem, the economic one as much as the political one. The system where profits come before people and their needs and the need of the community.

It is no good improving the system or changing the government. The system is broken and cannot be fixed or upgraded. We need a replacement for the system and not a change in government. We need a system, economic and political, that considers people and the Planet.

© 2012