All males in (drone) strike zone regarded as combatants

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

All males, regardless whether adults, teens or children, in a drone strike zone are regarded as combatants, according to latest orders

pedetor drone_webAccording to the latest from the Obama administration and the Pentagon all males in a strike zone of a predator drone are going to be considered hostile combatants and this regardless of their age.

This now means that the USA is, openly, conducting war on children in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not that the Pakistanis have completely realized that they are also part of the Afghan “conflict” (mustn't call it war as it is regarded as a conflict only and thus the rules are different) even though the term Af-Pak conflict or even “war” is widely being used.

And, because it is a conflict and not a war the Geneva Convention is regarded by the US administration not to be applicable and the same was the case with the Iraq war which also was regarded as a conflict. This is the very reason why the term “illegal enemy combatants” was created and the Guantanamo facility does not appear to contravene the Geneva Convention.

In the same light it appears that the Pentagon and the Obama regime have decided that killing small boys is fine also as they may grow up to be proper fighters against them.

Nothing like preparing for the future. The Nazis were doping the same when they murdered Russian children in order so they could not become real partisans and fight them in the forests.

Then, however, the USA called foul and condemned the actions – and rightly so – of the Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and General SS. Now they, much like their Zionist friends, do the very same.

Interesting hose the rules change...

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