Test shows that electronic cigarettes reduce a smokers exposure to dangerous chemicals

A detailed comparison test has shown that electronic cigarettes reduce a smokers exposure to dangerous chemicals

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The results are in, and the first comparison test between the level of emitted compounds by electronic cigarettes as opposed to traditional tobacco cigarettes confirms that electronic cigarettes reduce a smokers exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Electronic cigarettes of good quality offer a real smoking experience without all the negative attributes that are commonly associated with smoking traditional cigarettes such as tar, ash and odor.

By using electronic cigarettes a smoker doesn’t have to worry about the harmful effects traditional cigarettes give off like bad breath and yellow teeth. In addition to that a smoker no longer has to stand outside in the rain and, theoretically, vaping is legal on trains, coaches, planes, and elsewhere.

I did say theoretically because some airlines still appear not to understand that what looks like smoke with an e-cigarette is not smoke but more-or-less harmless vapor and thus no health hazards and no secondary smoke issue.

EverSmoke commented on the study by saying “We are thrilled to continue to see scientific evidence showing why it is important for individuals to learn about e-cigs and how they are the better smoking choice. We pride ourselves on the fact that our cartridges produce maximum vapor and a real smoking experience for our customers. We hope to change many more lives with our innovative product.”

Dr. Michael Siegel, professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University, broke down the results of the study and published them on his Tobacco Analysis blog. The results are available online for purchase and are scheduled to appear in Indoor Air. Siegel reported only six volatile organic compounds were seen in electronic cigarette vapor, while 20 organic compounds were found in tobacco smoke.

Dr. Siegel wrote, “This study confirms that electronic cigarette use greatly reduces the user's exposure to a wide range of chemicals in tobacco smoke. The few chemicals for which exposure remains are at levels well below that of cigarette smoking."

Personally, I took up vaping – as e-smoking is called – not because I wanted to give up (I had for 15 years) but because I found, due to a couple of trials for reviews with different brands of e-cigarettes, that it reduced my asthma attacks, which began after I gave up smoking.

Having said the above please note that I do not wish to attach any health benefits to vaping, as the jury might still be out on this.

On the other hand, I would love to know what the other volatile compounds are that still remain in the vapor from the electronic cigarettes just so one knows what's what, so to speak.

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