Google Chrome Internet Browser

Google Chrome Internet Browser user review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

There was a time that I had a serious issue with Google's Chrome Browser but the latest version that I have now in use must be the best Internet browser that I have used ever, probably. And I definitely never thought that I would say that.

The only thing that I still am not happy with, in comparison to the Firefox Browser, is the fact that it does not organize the bookmarks in the same way.

My previous issue with the Google Chrome Internet Browser was that it took ages to load, for me at least, but now it is fast, and what is best, extremely stable.

Google's Chrome Browser is based on the same code as it Firefox, namely the Mozilla one. It does not, and that has to be said, have the same amount of add-ons and extensions that you can get for Mozilla Firefox but...

Mozilla Firefox is still my main Internet browser but Ii tend to have more than one running at the same time, often Firefox, Chrome and Opera. The latter, it must be said, has developed, in the latest build, a stability issue when using sites such as Facebook, and the latest Firefox also has issues with some sites.

Another brilliant feature in Chrome is the fact that it can turn web pages into PDFs with the print command of Ctrl+P and then choosing the “Save as PDF” function. Every browser should come with that function as this is great for anyone who wished to keep stuff for future reference and for reading later, offline.

So, as you can see, at least anyone who remembers my previous articles about this browser, I happen to have changed my tune quite substantially as to the Google Chrome Browser (and not, they did not pay me... chance would be a fine thing though).

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