NSA: Everyone is automatically guilty until his or her innocence is proven

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)


NSA Monitoring Station at RAF Menwith Hill, UK

According to the NSA (National Security Agency) everyone in the US and elsewhere is being considered guilty until he or she can prove his or her innocence. Security has become somewhat of a state religion and everyone is being monitored with absolute religious zeal.

The current form of government in the USA (and let me add to that the UK and the majority of states of the European Union) is turning into a soft form of tyranny.

Anyone who questions this state religion of security in the USA and the UK (other countries I cannot speak of) has his or her loyalty to the state automatically questioned and may be considered an “enemy of the state”. Am I exaggerating? I don't think so.

To speak and write the truth and to question the actions of the state is beginning to become a dangerous thing, at least in the USA, so it would appear, and journalist who do so are considered to be aiding and abetting terrorists and terrorism because, so it is said, they make their messages available to the public.

Every investigative journalist automatically ends up in the sights of the secret services simply because they could make public the fact that someone of the authorities has broken laws. The search after the truth is being seen by the secret services nowadays equated to a criminal activity.

Officers of the services and others who remind those agencies that they are bound by the Constitution and other conventions are equated with terrorists, in the same way as, nowadays, anyone who dares to peacefully protest against environmental destruction or government excesses.

Even people who decide to live a frugal live and advocate such a life to others are equated with terrorists as they are not helping to restart the economy by buying our way out of the downturn. As if the latter would be possible in the first instance.

The US President, as to whether he has a right to be or not to be shall not be discussed here, has now issued a number of Executive Orders (law by decree) (and now tell me again that the US do not have an elected king) which are restricting the rights of the citizens of the country no end.

One of those deals with the interception and retention of all Internet traffic, as well as other communications – not that the NSA stations, such as Menwith Hill in the UK with Echelon and Carnivore would not be doing that already, though in that case only working with “key words” - including cell phone.

A similar act has been signed into law in the UK which will have the government monitor and retain all email traffic, Internet searches, downloads, and all cell phone traffic. Rumor has it that landline phone traffic will also be included and the possibility of general mail too.

But, we are told, anyone who is not doing anything that they shouldn't has nothing to fear. Really? So what was Ian Tomlinson's misdeed for which he was murdered by a Metropolitian Police cop? He was simply a newspaper vendor in the wrong place at the wrong time during a demonstration that they were told they had to smash. And people have the audacity to speak about the German Democratic Republic and the USSR.

We are headed down a very slippery slope with fear being used to silence any dissent, inside and outside of the services and government.

Fear is used as a weapon, also to silence the ordinary citizen in that they are being told that this is all necessary to keep them safe. Really? Safe from who? Non-existent terrorism? Threats from communism?

Come on, let's get real. This is all fear-mongering so that the powers that be can control us.

Wake up everyone!

© 2012