New Vacuum phenomenon, Gtech AirRAM™ scoops Good Housekeeping endorsement

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Gtech AirRAM1 Gtech AirRAM™ has received the Good Housekeeping Institute endorsement after rigorous testing of this innovative vacuum cleaner that is sucking up success across the UK.

Heralded at its launch in April this year as ‘The Future of Vacuuming’, two months on and the Gtech AirRAM™ has firmly stamped its mark, becoming one of the most desirable vacuums within the John Lewis portfolio.

According to the huge volume of customer reviews, banishing the need for heavy, cumbersome, corded vacuums has changed domestic cleaning into a pleasure rather than a chore. Gtech users literally ‘love vacuuming’.

Now armed with an order book worth £6m from high street and independent electrical retailers, Gtech is proud to display the Good Housekeeping Institute Approved logo on its packaging.

Good Housekeeping’s Head of Consumer Testing, Patricia Schofield says: “Lightweight and convenient to use, this cordless cleaner scored a hit with the GHI testers. Using only a fraction of the electricity of its mains competitors it packed a punch, picking up dirt and debris with ease.”
Since initial independent laboratory tests showed Gtech AirRAM™ outperforms leading mains and cordless competitors on carpeted floors, further independent laboratory tests have again been undertaken to reinforce its effectiveness revealing that Gtech AirRAM™ also picks up and removes dust and debris from hard floors more efficiently than leading mains powered vacuums. Both of those factors, know to me already since I have had the pleasure to see the Gtech AirRAM™ at the launch and then use it and review it, are what make the Gtech AirRAM™ such an outstanding machine, together with its environmental friendliness.

No Cyclone, No Bag, No Cord
Launched by British design specialist, Gtech, the AirRAM™ is the first cordless vacuum cleaner utilizing ground breaking technology that heralds the biggest evolution in vacuum development during the last 20 years. Despite banishing cyclones, bags, cords and using only 100 Watts of electricity, AirRAM™ outperforms leading mains powered and cordless vacuums on both hard and carpeted floors. Using only 100 watts of electricity to deliver this performance, AirRAM™ can save up to an astounding £252 in electricity bills over a five year period. Its lightweight and ergonomic design coupled with cordless feature also means you can easily take AirRAM™ upstairs and downstairs reaching into every corner of your home.

Gtech’s founder, Nick Grey says: “History shows that once a fully capable cordless version of a product comes onto the market, corded versions lose value and become niche. Phones, kettles and drills were all tethered to sockets not so long ago. AirRAM™ challenges the market leaders bringing a new era of technological change with true mains performance achieved for the first time ever from a cordless vacuum cleaner.”

The innovative Gtech AirRAM™ will change the way you vacuum your home forever, making cleaning faster, easier and more convenient. Be part of the cordless revolution today with your very own AirRAM™. Gtech AirRAM™ (RRP £229.00) is available from or, John Lewis stores nationwide and from September 2012; Argos, Curry’s, Comet and Debenhams.

In my opinion this is the most innovative vacuum cleaner, probably, ever; at least to date.

Having now had the Gtech AirRAM™ in use ever since a day after the launch in April 2012 my old-style cord-tied vacuum cleaner has not seen much of an outing at all. There is no need for it as I found the Gtech AirRAM™ to perform much better and that equally on carpets, rugs and hard floors.

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