Urban Agriculture to be Extended in Cuba

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Cuban farmer Havana, Cuba  – The urban and suburban agriculture programmes in Cuba will be extended to 156 out of the 169 municipalities of Cuba before the close of the year, so said Adolfo Rodriguez, head of the National Group in charge of that initiative.

Until now the initiative has 36,000 farms throughout the island in the scheme which appear to be a scheme that is working extremely well.

The Cuban authorities are promoting the local production of food to reduce imports, estimated at more than two billion dollars.

Cuba also had little chance to do other after the collapse of the USSR when it met its very own Peak Oil well ahead of the rest of the world.

We all would do well to take a couple of leaves out the Cuban book and learned from their experiences before we run headlong into our own Peak Oil problems and have to learn the hard way.

The DVD entitled “Power of Community”, which deal with the Cuban people's overcoming of their very own Peak Oil, gives real good pointers and it should be required viewing for everyone, and especially our politicians.

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