Broken Promises

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

BrokenPromises Epsom, UK, 12/28/2010: The year, which is about to come to a close in but a few days, has been a year full of promises by this or that politician.

In America, already begun the year before, it was the current President, Barack Obama, and in Britain the coalition government between Tories and Whigs, lead by David Cameron.

When in opposition Cameron promised that, amongst other things, he would bring back “park keepers” in every publicly owned park but in reality such jobs are currently being cut left right and center because of government cuts.

President Obama promised that the American people would get a descent health service, and especially those that were being screwed by the insurance companies but the reality is a fudge that still benefits only those that can afford to pay for their health care and the insurance companies.

He also promised to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and deal with the detainees, which are in fact held illegally, fairly. Another broken promise there.

Many of the promises, it is claimed, could not be kept due to legal restraints and especially the fact that the government coffers are empty. Whose fault is that?

It is not the fault of the public sector workers, the park keepers that Mr. Cameron had promised for every park, and the poor people who cannot afford health insurance, but the fault of the very government for bailing out the banks which were, so they said, “too big too fail.”

No company should ever be too big to be allowed to fail and how come it was only the banks that got bailed out but not industry in general.

When in Britain old and established companies were feeling the squeeze and were headed for the scrap heap not a single penny was forthcoming from the government coffers but there was money available to bail out the banks that caused no end of grief.

Everywhere we look there are broken promises by politicians and I doubt that the new year will be any better.

In fact millions of public sector workers in Britain and elsewhere are facing the loss of their jobs and with the way that things stand very bleak prospects, especially those that are over a certain age, and especially so as any welfare is dependent on finding non-existent work within a year.

We can but wonder as to whether the return of the workhouse may no be just around the corner in Britain and the way things stand no one would blink an eyelid, as long as they are safe.

It is time that we came to the understanding that our elected representatives do not represent us in any way whatsoever and that their only interest – in the main – is what they can get out of it, be it in financial or other gains. The people are just a minor hindrance.

There is no distinction of the color of their flags under which they rally nor of their creeds. They are all in it only for themselves and for their cronies and have no regard for the people who may have elected them. Unless, that is, the way it would appear, you are one who can fund things for them.

Companies too are, predominately, and not just companies, even public service employers, interested in what money they can make and save by shedding workers and then making other individuals left do the jobs of three or four.

A change is needed in the way our countries and everything are run and a new economy is needed too. In both cases it has to be the adage “where people matter” but presently they seem to matter nowhere. Unless that is, they happen to be abroad, where the UK is spending over half a billion pounds on aid.

Let's get real and let's consider our own people first. No one is going to help us in times of crises. We have to do it ourselves. So why do we have to run to everywhere else?

The time for a new way has come, one where we consider local issues before those further afield and that is as to “government” the same as to food and the economy.

We need to slow down our lives, our economy and our countries, and we must reign in our politicians and their falsehoods.

© 2010