Pandemic outbreak of Swine flu sweeping through Britain

A pandemic outbreak of swine flu is sweeping through Britain even though 70% were vaccinated last year


by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

London, UK, 12/27/2010: A pandemic of Swine flu is sweeping through the UK despite the fact that 70% of Britain's over-65 population was vaccinated against swine flu last year. This year, that number is nearly the same with 68.5%. But flu vaccine proponents insist that until everyone is vaccinated, the flu will continue to infect people.

What these vaccine advocates absolutely will not admit, however, is how many of those who are sick with the flu this year also got vaccinated last year. This little detail is left out of every mainstream media report on vaccines and the flu. They simply refuse to mention this all-important number, leaving readers to leap to the incorrect conclusion that only those who were not vaccinated get sick with the flu. An assumption which is false. 

In fact, of the 450 critical care beds in England that are now occupied by flu patients, we can safely assume that most of those infected patients are people who received flu vaccines in the past, including the swine flu version that was being given in 2009.

The side effects of the vaccine, and worse still of the Tamiflu anti-viral drug that was given against the Swine flu, were horrendous. I know, I had the swine flu and was given Tamiflu.

Such statistics are never made available to the public or the press, of course. To release such statistics would expose the Great Lie of the vaccine industry: That flu vaccines simply don't work on 99 percent of people!

In fact, it would appear that in many cases the people who are most susceptible to catching the flu are precisely the very same people who get vaccinated. This could be because vaccines weaken the immune system in the long run, leaving you more vulnerable to future infections. A bit like taking antibiotics too much.

They deny your immune system the opportunity to practice its own adaptive response to invading microorganisms or viruses, thus, it would appear, causing your immune system to atrophy in the same way that a wheelchair-bound person will experience leg muscle atrophy.

The immune system is a lot like a muscle: Use it or lose it!

But flu vaccines provide weakened viruses to the immune system (along with other preservative chemicals that can be extremely dangerous to neurological health). It's sort of like working out your muscles at the gym but having your trainer do all the heavy lifting for you. Obviously you're not going to have very strong muscles in the end because your body won't need to invoke a very strong adaptive response.

The same is true with vaccines and the flu: If your body is exposed to weakened flu viruses year after year, it gets lazy and weak, and when it one day comes into contact with a full-strength virus circulating in the wild, it's not in good enough shape to handle the challenge.

In addition to all that there is a serious Vitamin D deficiency going on in Britain, due to underexposure to sunlight, and we may, so it is reckoned, soon see the reemergence of rickets in our children.

A person who is vitamin D deficient will also have an alarmingly weak immune system response because vitamin D activates the immune system to do its job. In people with extremely low vitamin D levels, even vaccines containing weakened viruses won't solicit an antibody response.

It would therefore appear that the flu vaccine just cannot and will not work in the great majority of those to who it is given and in addition to that many, in fact, develop the very flu against which they just have been vaccinated, often a month or two after the event – the authorities always claim that that will just be a mild form – due to the fact that they have a weakened immune system.

Much of this weakened immune system and immune system response of the population is due a variety of factors of which the lack of Vitamin D might be the biggest, so at least according to some research. However, in my mind there is no doubt that poor diet, often, nowadays, nothing but fast “food” and the lack of contact with the “fresh air” and Nature, probably play a much greater part here.

However, no one is allowed, so it seems, to challenge the assumptions of the vaccine quacks and industry bodies.

The vaccine-pushing quack medical community believes that if they could magically convince 100 percent of the people to get vaccinated, they would have this problem licked. In their own minds, they have unscientifically convinced themselves that a vaccine equals automatic and full protection against a flu virus.

And yet even they won't dare ask this simple question: Of all the people sick from the flu who are right now lying in Britain's hospital beds, what percentage were vaccinated against the flu last year or this year?

The flu vaccine propaganda, of course, demands that people never be allowed to collide with the scientific facts about how many people who are vaccinated against the flu still catch the flu anyway. (The flu re-infection rate.) That's why you will NEVER see an honest answer to this question released by hospitals, vaccine companies or vaccine-pushing doctors.

Keep taking your flu jabs, everybody. But don't ask whether they actually work, because that question isn't allowed to be asked in the cult of medicine that dominates the sick-care landscape around the world today.

We wouldn't want actual science to interfere with a really profitable con job now, would we?

The diet of so many people, old and young alike, today lacks (fresh) fruit and vegetables and to a very great degree are, as I have indicated above, are made up of highly processed foods and more often than not in the form of fast “food” of the McDonald and similar variety.

The reason I put the word food in inverted commas is because I would not regards McD's and similar stuff as food and of no nutritional value whatsoever. Therefore, stuff like that does nothing for the immune system, rather the opposite. No wonder that people are ill all the time.

Environmental factors too, play a part, I grant that much, as can be seen with the increase of respiratory illnesses and allergies. We have really screwed up the world and our bodies to boot.

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