Government's 'Green Deal' is cold comfort for millions of Brits

9 December 2010 : Commenting on the 'Green Deal' to improve British houses, published in the Government's Energy Bill today, Friends of the Earth's senior climate change campaigner Tony Bosworth said: "A strong Green Deal could warm many of the UK's draughty houses - but the cold reality is that it will do little to help millions of people shivering in fuel poverty or living in expensive-to-improve homes.

"Half of those renting from a landlord or letting agency found their homes uncomfortably cold during the big freeze - we need a clear minimum energy efficiency standard to protect vulnerable tenants, rather than another Government review.

"To keep people warm and tackle climate change, the Energy Bill must include a plan for eliminating fuel poverty and cutting carbon emissions from our homes by 42 per cent this decade.

"And it must ensure every council plays its part in slashing emissions by setting a local carbon budget for each area."

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