Radical approach needed to secure green energy future

Commenting on reforms to the UK's electricity market, on which the Government launched a consultation on December 16, 2010, Friends of the Earth's Senior Climate Change campaigner Tony Bosworth said: “Our failure to significantly cut climate-changing carbon emissions in the last 15 years means we need a radical new approach to create a secure, clean power supply fit for the 21st century.

“These proposals could provide the route map to a safe, green future - but Ministers mustn't get led astray by lack of ambition or vested interests.

“Failing to tackle climate challenge will have enormous economic and environmental impacts that will dwarf our current financial problems.

“If Britain harnesses its massive renewable electricity potential it could create tens of thousands of jobs and help free us from our dependency on overseas fossil fuels.”

He added: “The Government must slash emissions from the electricity sector by at least 90 per cent by 2030 to create the green power we'll depend on to drive our cars and heat our homes of the future.

“Long-term low-carbon electricity contracts, set at the right levels, could boost more green power - but these should only support clean renewable schemes, not breathe new life into the failed nuclear experiment.

“Capping polluting carbon dioxide from new coal and gas-fired power stations is not enough - the Government must also tackle those already belching out climate- changing emissions.”

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