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Heating engineer Sensible and timely advice from the Heating Helpline on the importance of boiler maintenance.

December 2010 – Heating our homes and our water is the biggest energy cost households face each month. Household energy consumption in the next few weeks and months may be higher than ever with the early onset of the severe winter weather conditions that have hit the UK this year. To compound this, utility companies have announced significant price rises – in most cases more than double the rate of inflation. However, many homeowners do not realise that a well-maintained boiler will burn less fuel so having your boiler checked and your heating system serviced will not only save money and energy, it could potentially avoid a terrible tragedy.

Gas is the most commonly used fuel for home heating systems across the country and, although in principle it is completely safe, lack of routine maintenance means that around 50 people still needlessly die every year from preventable gas-related carbon monoxide poisoning.

Bob Towse, Technical Consultant to the Heating Helpline, comments, “Too many homeowners rely on old or inefficient boilers or heaters and the facts are that there are considerable numbers of gas fired appliances, including gas cookers, in use around the UK that are potentially dangerous.

“If your boiler is more than ten years old or has been infrequently serviced in the past, we strongly advise that you contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect the system.

“Safety is of course the first priority but it is also false economy to forgo what should be an annual service and maintenance check – a well maintained boiler burns up to 10% less fuel than a poorly maintained one”.

For more information on heating and boiler maintenance contact the free Heating Helpline on 0800 840 4069 or visit the website at: www.heatinghelpline.org.uk. Backed by the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA), the Heating Helpline provides essential information on energy saving in the home and the importance of regular heating maintenance, and also offers dozens of money-saving solutions for homeowners.

Established in 1904, the HVCA is the premier organisation representing central heating contractors across the UK, and exists to promote fair dealing and the sound installation of heating systems. HVCA members all undergo third-party inspection and assessment of their technical competence and commercial capability every three years. This process is carried out by an independent certification body with an established industry reputation. HVCA members who undertake gas installations are registered with Gas Safe – the gas safety watchdog body – and are also members of TrustMark, the Government-endorsed scheme designed to direct customers towards reliable tradespeople. HVCA operates the Heating Helpline (www.heatinghelpline.org.uk) to provide consumers with free, impartial advice on every aspect of home heating.

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