A little cool indoors during the cold of winter?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Wooly-Jumper-380x357 If you feel a little cool indoors when the temperature drops below freezing outside the temptation is, for many, to crank up the heat by turning the thermostat up. But there is a cheaper, smarter, low-carbon alternative to turning up the heat, namely a jumper. In addition to that you may want to add a hat.

Way too many people turn the heating up to a level that is, in my opinion, well above comfortable, for 25C is not warm, that is hot, and in my book uncomfortable unless when I am not wearing anything.

Eighteen degrees Celsius should be just right to, maybe, twenty degrees. Anything above that is a waste of money and a drain on planetary resources, as well as your finances. Can you really afford to run the furnace at that high setting and duration? I thought not. And especially not with the prices, at least in Britain, headed for ceiling height and higher.

The same goes for offices, whether government or private, where the temperature settings are way too high. But then, the people working there think, for some reason, that they have to be able to do that in shirt sleeves with the sleeves rolled up even.

Government offices are some of the greatest offenders here while at the same time they tell the general public and businesses to turn their heatings down. “Do as I say not do as I do,” as per usual.

A jumper (and a hat) will keep you warm much better than turning the heating up higher and at the same time it is healthier for you, you wallet and the Planet. And there is definitely nothing wrong with weather a sweater and/or a woolly hat indoor when it is cold out rather than to turn up the heating.

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