It’s Time To Reconnect With Nature

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

And this is not just the case for children. Adults too need to reconnect with Nature and with reality as to where our food comes from, especially.

A recent study in the United Kingdom has shown that one out of ten people believe that strawberries grown on trees and one out of twelve believe that same to be the case for Brussels sprouts. Children questioned as to where wool came from also believed that it grew on trees and children thought that eggs came from a factory in the same as beef burgers.

It would appear that the great majority of people in Britain, adults and children alike, and who knows what it is like in other countries, seriously have no idea where their food comes from and are totally removed from the reality of Nature.

And, as far as children and the remoteness from reality as far as food and countryside is concerned, it was not just city kids who gave such answers. The numbers of children from the rural areas were not far behind in numbers as far as the silly answers were concerned.

It would appear that in the last couple of decades man in the developed world, to a great degree, has become so detached from the reality of life and of Nature that it is like they live on a different planet. How could we have allowed this to happen?

Children have been mollycoddled to such an extent that they have no idea that that hamburger that they have just eaten in fact was a steer not so long ago and that lamb chop was a woolly cuddly sheep on a few days ago. Society is trying to shield them from such images but at what cost? At the cost of creating a generation of people who have no idea as to how the world and Nature functions.

We really must change this and change this now. Getting children to grow some food themselves, and here especially the greens many refuse to eat, would be somewhere to start.

© 2010