Lakeland “in the kitchen” – Spring 2011 – Preview

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

6215_KIT1_2011.indb Epsom, UK, 12/26/2010: In the next couple of days or so this latest catalog from Lakeland will be dropping onto customers' doormats and into their letterboxes and it is, once again, a catalog that is well worth a very close look for those interested in green issues and saving money while cooking, for instance.

On page 3 already it starts with the “Scudle” the use of which will help reduce food waste and while the material may not fall under “green” the food savings factor will.

The catalog then continues with preserving bottles and other food storage jars and containers on the next page and also further inside of it.

Home bread baking, which is becoming ever more popular by the week, it would appear, is being taken care of on pages 34 and 35 of the catalog, with 3 different types of bread makers on the latter page, and breathable bread storage bags and other bread storage containers on page 41.

healthy food preparation, as in cooking, is also, pardon the pun, catered for in the form of a number of steamers, slow cookers (crock pots), and pressure cookers, starting on page 64 with the EXQ steamer, run on electric, and the stainless steel steamer on page 93 which is for stove top use on the hob.

Both the slow cookers – electric, obviously – and the pressure cookers – some electric and dome for stove top use – come in a number of different types and prices. Crock pots are brilliant for cooking food, whether roasting meat (though somewhat different in taste from oven roasted), to doing vegetables or one-pot meals, such as casseroles, slowly and tasty. I would have never thought that I'd ever make use of a slow cooker that much but I rather use that than the oven and not just because of the energy savings by using the crock pot.

Steamers too are brilliant for cooking, especially, as far as I am concerned, vegetables and I am sure that once you have started using a steamer for your veg you do not ever want to go back to boiling them. Pressure cookers too are generally extremely energy efficient and produce great tasting healthy food.

Other products in the catalog too are worth looking at such as the lovely pestle and mortar sets for creating your own freshly prepared herbs and spices and pestos.

Once again a catalog full of interesting products as far as energy saving and such is concerned.

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