Tap water is tops

Tap water is tops; no two ways about it

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

tap1-1Tap water is tops; no two ways about it, regardless of the claim by some that their tap water being so bad they have no other choice than to use bottled water, in a country such as Britain or the USA.

If the taste of your tap water is a problem or limescale or such like, get a filter. Filters no longer cost a fortune and, despite claims, the cartridges can be used a lot longer than the given few weeks.

Another way is to use a water jug and add activated charcoal lumps into the water. This seems to kill a lot of things and the taste improves greatly.

The best filter is the kind that uses ceramic filter elements, which can be simply cleaned and while the purchase of one of those, gravity fed ones, such as the British Berkfield, sets you back around 150 bucks you'll never need to buy filter cartidges.

You also do not have to spend lots of money on a reusable bottle. Use a nice glass bottle – yes, glass is breakable but if you give it a good cover it will be fine – such as a Snapple lemonade one or similar.

If you want to buy a bottle then make it a stainless steel one, ideally, unless you have a real guarantee that there is no Bisphenol A in the plastic of a plastic bottle or in the liner of an aluminum one.

The problem is that we have been cheated so many times by now by companies that claimed to be ethical and green as to the material in the liners of the aluminum water bottles and with the plastic ones one has to be careful too. Thus glass, in the right kind of carrier, is probably best and better still if you can just repurpose a nice bottle that otherwise would go to waste.

Make mine tap, thanks...

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