Dublin has announced measures for water rationing

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)


As if Ireland did not already have problems enough now the country's capital has to start water consumption due to lack of it. That is lack of water not lack of consumption.

Dublin City Council has pleaded with residents to turn off their taps as water supplies run low.

Authorities also fear people filling baths to conserve water for themselves, as report of the problem spreading from the capital with water shortages now reported around Ireland.

Around half of local authorities in Ireland are restricting the flow of water with threats of cutting off people who use too much water being proposed.

During two night in the beginning of December 2010 Dublin City Council took the measure to restrict the supply of water in all areas, from 7pm to 7am.

Measures such as these should bring it home to all of us, whether in Eire, the UK, elsewhere in Europe, the USA and Canada, or wherever, that water is a resource that is by no means ever bountiful (I know, even not when we have had floods) and that we must do everything to preserve water.

Man cannot live without water and neither can animals, whether wild or livestock, or plants and without enough water everything will die.

The aqua cycle seems to have been severely disrupted and turned on its head by the very fact that we all simply use too much of that lovely wet stuff, and we don't even want to talk about the leaks that take weeks and months often to get repaired by the utility companies.

We must do more to look after that most precious resource of water and preserve it where we can.

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