Ecometrica becomes first Quebec CDP-accredited carbon calculation partner

Montreal, CAN - Despite a lack of political leadership on North American climate change policy development, companies are nevertheless achieving successes in the internationally competitive field of carbon management. Ecometrica, a start-up company specialized in delivering greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments and innovative climate change software solutions, was recently named "Carbon Calculation" partner by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). As only five other companies have managed to attain this status, the accreditation is a significant endorsement for the Montreal-based company. The acknowledgment of Ecometrica's expertise follows a rigorous evaluation by the independent Greenhouse Gas Management Institute of Ecometrica's unique GHG accounting software, Our Impacts.

The goal of the CDP is to publicly disclose corporate GHG emissions and climate change strategies in an effort to accelerate the development of climate change mitigation solutions, and to this end they currently possess the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world. Presently, over two thousand companies report to the CDP, including the vast majority of the Fortune 500. The CDP teams up with accredited service providers, such as Ecometrica, to ensure accurate and transparent reporting through the provision of superior carbon management software and tools.

CDP partnership with a Quebec company is good news to the nascent green technology and green IT sectors in Canada, which are projected to achieve monumental growth by 2020 given adequate funding and policy support. Joanna Lee, chief partnerships officer of the CDP, stated that "[t]he evaluation of Our Impacts demonstrated the valuable support that Ecometrica can provide companies", and went on to say that "[w]e are delighted to welcome Ecometrica as a carbon calculator partner".

The 2008 start-up has significant experience in the field of GHG accounting - their analysts have completed over a thousand assessments for companies and governments around the world. The resulting expertise allowed Ecometrica to develop Our Impacts, a class-leading online carbon management tool aimed at streamlining the GHG assessment process while simultaneously increasing the accuracy and transparency of results. The tool increases the accessibility and manageability of carbon accounting for any company, regardless of size, industry, or emissions reporting experience. As Bert Revenaz, managing director of Ecometrica, puts it, "Most importantly, unlike most other software solutions you'll see on the market, Our Impacts is simple to use and doesn't require a costly integration process or expertise in carbon accounting".

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Our Impacts is a unique and powerful greenhouse gas accounting service that brings together world-leading carbon experts and extensive research databases, all delivered through a flexible web-based platform.

Our Impacts is delivered as a software service, negating the need to install any client side software. Its intuitive user interface and context-based help functions ensure ease of use. The data upload facility allows all pre-existing data on spreadsheets and databases to be pre-populated in the system, while the Application Programming Interface ensures seamless integration with Energy Management, CSR and Financial Accounting systems. In addition, Ecometrica's experienced GHG analysts provide expert assistance in handling any questions that arise during the accounting process. Preformatted CDP reports and Excel outputs are easily available, ensuring maximum efficiency and transparency.

Ecometrica is a company of specialists and experts in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, ecosystem services, climate change policy, remote sensing and web based programming. We have unrivalled experience in the development and application of the major standards for greenhouse gas accounting and ecosystem change measurement. Our mission is to make accounting for GHG emissions and ecosystem changes accessible to all organizations, including business and government, through web- based services that distill our knowledge and experience.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is the world's largest and most comprehensive scheme for reporting corporate action on climate change, and is backed by institutional investors holding $64 trillion in equity. It is an independent not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of corporate climate change information in the world.

This data is gathered on behalf of institutional investors, purchasing organizations and government bodies and made available for integration into business and policy decision-making. Since its formation in 2000, CDP has become the gold standard for carbon disclosure methodology and process, providing essential climate change data to the global market place. Described by former US President Bill Clinton as "vital", the CDP's objective is to inform business, policy and investment decisions on the best ways to reduce global climate change. Over 2,500 organizations in 60 countries report their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change opportunities & risks through the CDP.

Source: Ecometrica

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