Frost proof pots from Sankey beat the cold weather

Weatherproof and stylish Moroccan Patio Planter from Sankey1December 2010: With the recent spate of freezing weather, many gardeners will have been disappointed to discover a pile of broken, frost damaged containers in the garden. With the cold snap predicted to continue, now is a great time to invest in a new batch of pots. Sankey, leading UK manufacturer of garden and horticultural products, has a range of frost proof containers that will provide a safe haven for plants and year round colour and decoration for the garden.

Growing plants in containers is one of the most versatile ways of gardening. Sankey’s comprehensive range of contemporary and traditional planters, pots and troughs allow gardeners to create attractive displays almost everywhere and are designed to reduce maintenance and increase the time you have to enjoy your efforts.

Frost and shock proof, these lightweight containers are the ideal home to evergreens, winter grasses and other cold weather planting, providing all year round flora and fauna to the British garden.

Sankey recognize that each gardener is individual and every garden unique. That’s why they offer a range of containers that accommodate individual style, space and preference. Whether your garden is contemporary, bijou or immense, there is a garden container perfect for that space.

From contemporary statement Moroccan patio planters, designed to replicate the look of natural materials to the best selling lightweight round plastic bell pots, the Sankey range offers a variety of options that ensure your garden will look fabulous year after year, no matter how harsh the British winter.

Available in a range of styles, and colours, with sizes ranging from 18cm to 77cm in height, Sankey garden pots retail from £8.99 for a 55cm Bell pot to £64.99 for the largest Moroccan Planter

Part of the Fiskars group, Nottingham based Sankey, a company of 155 years standing, is committed to identifying opportunities to use less, recycle more and support environmentally aware practices.

Sankey is celebrating its 155th anniversary as a British born manufacturer of British designed garden equipment. In a time when we’re all feeling the squeeze, the grow your own trend has continued to take hold in the UK. Sankey is perfectly placed with its environmental and ecological ethos to supply the best products that grow with the gardener. Products which are made in a totally sustainable way so gardeners can follow their passion without compromising the environment. 

Sankey has launched a new consumer website at alongside its trade website

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