Food control under way?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Aside from seed control in the European Union it would appear that attempts are made in other places around the world too to control the foods we eat, such as outlawing foraging for wild edibles, aka edible weeds.

In New York City foraging has been declared unlawful in the city's parks and open spaces and in Chicago, IL a man was arrested and charged with a felony in June 2013 for collecting dandelion leaves to use in cooking. As far as Chicago is concerned one should think that the police in that city would have more important things to do that going after a forager but – oh dear, I forgot – it is no longer the job of the police, according to a ruling by the US Supreme Court, to protect the people but to enforce the laws.

It was Henry Kissinger in the 1970s who said, just before the supposed “oil crisis” that if you want to control nations you have to control fuel and if you want to control people you have to control food.

While one may not with to engage in conspiracy theory here there, nevertheless, seem to be moves afoot in the food control department and soon it may be deemed a criminal act, or even an act of terrorism, to grow food crops (from seeds and plat material) not authorized by the powers-that-be.

Growing food will become, it would appear, an act of defiance and of revolution.

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