Groups Call on U.S. Companies to Reject Canadian Tar Sands

Sierra Club & ForestEthics Call on U.S. Companies to Reject Tar Sands

Corporate Climate Campaign led by Sierra Club and ForestEthics Gains Momentum

tar_sands_before_after1SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Fifty-eight organizations, led by the Sierra Club and ForestEthics, released anopen letter today demanding that companies take climate action. The letter calls on U.S. corporations with trucking fleets to join19 leading companies in avoiding fuel from refineries that take Canadian tar sands. According to U.S. EPA, tar sands release as much as 37% more carbon pollution than oil from conventional crude.

“U.S. corporations have a critical role to play in President Obama’s ambitious plan to slash carbon pollution. With millions of cars and trucks, major corporations are in the driver’s seat when it comes to raising fuel efficiency and rejecting the world’s dirtiest fuel source.”- Michael Marx, the Sierra Club Beyond Oil campaign director

“As Americans come face to face with the superstorms, wildfires, and the other natural disasters that accompany climate disruption, it’s becoming increasingly toxic for corporations to be associated with extreme climate pollution like that of the tar sands. People are demanding accountability, and smart companies will take heed.”

- Todd Paglia, ForestEthics executive director.

Today’s letter is part of a campaign led by the Sierra Club and ForestEthics to transform the environmental practices of some of the biggest consumers of fuel in America: corporations. This comes on the heels of Sierra Club and ForestEthics’ launch of a campaign to force soft drink giants Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper to stop using tar sands and raise the efficiency of their cars and trucks.

With 2.4 million members, the Sierra Club is the largest and oldest environmental non-profit in the United States. ForestEthics is the only international coalition exclusively devoted to creating a world where forests, wild lands, and the people and wildlife that depend on them, thrive.

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