index_mastHeadText_3wEthical Consumer magazine on July 4, 2013 published its latest product guide to green energy and urges consumers who are concerned about climate change to ditch the big six energy companies and switch to a greener energy provider.

With atmospheric carbon dioxide levels now reaching unprecedented levels the report scrutinises the climate change policies of the Big Six energy companies and concludes that their carbon emission targets are not ambitious enough to prevent serious climate change.

Ethical Consumer co-editor Katy Brown said: “Consumers can have a direct positive impact on their own carbon footprint by switching to a green energy tariff. But more importantly consumers have the power to challenge the dominance of the larger energy companies by ditching the Big Six and moving to an independent green energy supplier.”

“The Big Six energy companies have a massive responsibility in addressing climate change right here, right now in the UK as they are among the biggest producers of carbon emissions in the country. So far none of them appear to go far enough in their carbon reduction commitments to address the risk of catastrophic climate change.”

Ethical Consumer recommends the following companies for green electricity:

Ecotricity, Good Energy, Green Energy, LoCO2.

Ethical Consumer recommends the following companies for gas:

Ecotricity, Equigas, Good Energy.

The report also dismisses concerns that consumers pay a premium by switching to a green electricity provider.

Ethical Consumer found that the annual energy bills of a number of Best Buy recommended green electricity companies including Good Energy and LoCO2 were actually cheaper than a number of the equivalent tariffs of the mainstream Big Six energy companies.

The product guide to green electricity suppliers is available here:


The product guide to green gas suppliers is available here:


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