Tulip ‘Cupcakes’ christened online

Tweeter names world exclusive collection

Thompson&Morgan1 A chance arrangement of tulips has led to the launch of an exclusive new mix by the UK’s most successful horticultural mail order company.

When Sarah King, one of Thompson & Morgan’s designers and a keen amateur photographer, was asked to take some photos of a new range of tulips for one of Thompson & Morgan’s catalogues, she was only too pleased to oblige. Having taken some pictures of each of the new varieties, she scooped them up and put them in a vase on the company’s reception desk.

‘I literally ‘plonked’ them in a vase’, says Sarah, ‘I didn’t want them to go to waste. They are so unusual and with their light fragrance, I thought they would make a perfect arrangement for our reception area’.

The arrangement caught the eye of Michael Perry, T&M’s new product manager, who recognised the potential for a fabulous new tulip collection. ‘We were going to offer the tulips individually to our customers, but having seen how stunning they looked together, we felt that a collection of ALL the varieties would really appeal to gardeners’.

The next challenge was to find a name for the stunning peony-flowered tulip collection. A picture of the tulip arrangement that Sarah had inadvertently created was posted on Thompson & Morgan’s Facebook page. After a hugely positive response, T&M followers on both Twitter and Facebook were asked to come up with a name for the new and exclusive tulip mix. Martine Ellison-Smith tweeted in with the winning name - ‘Cupcakes’.

The new collection with its newly-chosen name will feature in Thompson & Morgan’s latest Autumn Catalogue which is due out in late July. Tulip ‘Cupcakes’ will be available to gardeners for delivery later this year, but customers are advised to order early as T&M expects demand to be high.

Tulip ‘Cupcakes’ is available in packs of 16 (£11.99) or 32 bulbs (£16.99 saving £6.99). For a free catalogue or to place an order, customers can call

0844 573 1818 or visit www.thompson-morgan.com

Thompson & Morgan, based in Ipswich, Suffolk since 1855, is the UK’s most successful horticultural mail order company. Its product range includes an award-winning choice of seeds, young plants, bulbs, seed potatoes, onion and garlic sets, soft fruit and fruit trees, as well as an extensive range of gardening supplies.

Source: Thompson & Morgan Press Office

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