How to Browse in Private - the Art of Private Browsing

idcloak rereleases their educational article – How to Browse in Private – to help support the renewed demand for web anonymity following the recent state surveillance controversies.

gI_70621_data-protectionDallas, Texas, July 12, 2013 : idcloak Technologies have republished their article – How to Browse in Private – which provides detailed information on the various forms of private browsing available and why they should be used. The decision for republication follows the recent spate of controversies over government surveillance of the internet.

“Following the recent NSA leaks, internet privacy is a more desirable commodity than ever,” says idcloak’s senior web researcher, Robin Welles, “But still the public’s level of education when it comes to choosing and deploying privacy technologies leaves much to be desired. Our republished article underlines the distinction between private browsing on your device and private browsing on the web: the first is about clearing your device of browsing history, the second of clearing servers around the world of that history.

Needless to say, the latter is a little more complicated to achieve, and that’s where we come in.”

The article recommends free services that support web privacy both on the device and on the net itself. Explanation is given of how free SSL proxy sites can prevent digital footprints from appearing on the internet during browsing. idcloak’s recently released SSL proxy is accessible at the top of each section of the article.

Considering that the publication was authored several months before Edward Snowden’s NSA whistleblowing, some might also find interest in Welles’ forewarnings of government abuse of user data. From Part II of the article: “Even when legislation states that law enforcement can only access the stored content of communications with a warrant, there is no guarantee that this legislative protection won't be sidestepped or abused.”

Other privacy concerns, regarding WiFi security and corporate data mining, are also voiced in the article.

For more information on idcloak’s work in the field of internet anonymity and security, visit For access to the global public IP proxy list, an alternative to the site-based proxy recommended in the article, see: SSL proxy list.

Written by Gill-Chris Welles

Source: idcloak Technologies Inc.

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