Put your feet up with the Fiskars Garden Light range

42418There is an old school of thought that gardening is sheer hard work. After all, many gardening tools feature solid wooden or heavy steel handles, adding extra weight and effort to the tasks in hand. Leading garden tool company Fiskars disagrees, believing that gardeners should enjoy tasks, leaving plenty of energy to relax in the garden afterwards.

And so Fiskars approached the problem with a simple philosophy: create a range of tools made from lightweight, yet robust materials. From this came the Garden Light range, a collection of tools engineered to make the most laborious tasks a pleasure. Fiskars believes in old-fashioned values, not old-fashioned tools.

A complete range of lightweight stick tools

From spades for raking digging to a wide range of cultivating tools, there is a Fiskars Garden Light tool for every task. Featuring efficient blades, spikes and heads made from durable materials, the Garden Light range benefits from aluminium shaft, ergonomic handles or drop-shaped soft grips for optimal hold.

Digging tools

Manufactured in lightweight aluminium shaft and extra strong boron steel blades head, both spade and fork incorporate a clever oval shaft with a plastic. This makes the tool lightweight, resistant to rust, helps to maximise the grip as well as insulates from the cold. Tools are the lightest on the market, with each tool weighing less than 1.4kgs.

  • Garden Light Rounded Garden Spade

  • Garden Light Garden Fork

Cultivator tools

Lightweight aluminium coated shafts and an innovative drop shaped soft grip handle provide optimal grip and comfort. Robust hardened carbon steel heads and a maximum weight of 0.75kgs, the Fiskars Garden Light Cultivator and Hoes are perfect for easy weeding and soil cultivation.

  • Garden Light Cultivator

  • Garden Light Hoe

  • Garden Light Dutch Hoe

Tidy Up tools

Lightweight, flexible and durable heads are the benchmark of the Garden Light Leaf Rake and hardened carbon steel tines for the Soil Rake. The Garden Light Patio Knife and Edging Knife achieve optimum performance with hardened boron steel blades. The Garden Light tidy up tools start with an impressively light 490g.

  • Garden Light, Lawn Rake L

  • Garden Light Soil Rake

  • Garden Light Patio Knife

  • Garden Light Edging Knife

Fiskars Garden Light collection is available nationwide in garden centres, DIY stores and online.


Fiskars is a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. The group has a strong portfolio of respected international brands, including Fiskars, Iittala and Gerber. Founded in 1649 and listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Fiskars is Finland's oldest company. Fiskars recorded net sales of EIRO 743 million in 2011, and employs some 3,400 people in over 20 countries www.fiskarsgroup.com

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