Monsanto drops GM crop plan in EU

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

monsanto-skull-and-bonesBiotechnology giant Monsanto is scrapping plans to win approval to grow new types of genetically modified crops in the European Union. Please note that the operative word here is “grow” and not that it is abandoning plans to get GM crops into Europe. Far from it.

Monsanto says the move is due to the lack of prospects for cultivation in the EU.

The company, the CEO of which, so it is claimed, is to have said that there will be no food crown, no crop, to which they (and others of their ilk) will not own the patent, produces GM crops and agro-chemicals which are in wide use in the US and in other parts of the world but has had problems getting permission from the legislators in the European Union to grow the plants – in trials and others – in EU countries.

In Europe there have been concerns about the use of GM food products, and approval for GM crop cultivation can take years to obtain as the cooperation between Monsanto and the legislators are not as close as they are in the USA. However, the recently introduced seed law in the European Union which, basically, makes it unlawful to grow any plant, whether from seed or from plant material, even in private gardens shows that the influence of the large seed and GM companies is growing also among EU legislators, and definitely in the UK.

The Monsanto decision related to pending requests to grow genetically modified maize, soybean and sugar beet and it comes just days after the EU began talks with the US on a wide-ranging trade deal, with agriculture likely to be one of the toughest issues.

The company said it would now concentrate on growing its conventional seeds business in Europe but it will also look to get EU approval to import its genetically modified crop varieties from the US and South America into Europe.

In 2012, Germany's BASF halted the development of genetically modified crops in Europe and moved its European research operations in this area to the US.

As said, far from giving up, Monsanto will now look to import genetically modified crop varieties into Europe and thus get GM crops into the EU by a backdoor.

While it may appear to some as a victory the facts would point to a rather devious ploy by Monsanto to, as said, get their GM crops into the European Union via a backdoor and to market, regardless as to whether or not the people in those countries want it.

Another prove of the pudding, so to speak, that we do not need a new government but a new system.

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