Glyphosate in human urine

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Bayer glyphosate1The Friends of the Earth Trust reported on June 13 that traces of the weed killer glyphosate were found in the bodies of people across numerous European countries, including Britain.

The report by the Friends of the Earth Trust forgot to mention, however, that glyphosate is routinely used by UK councils for weed control on roads, in parks, etc., both in urban and rural environment.

Spraying is also often done, because of time pressures and sometimes ignorance, in the wrong weather conditions, such as rain or wind too strong for spraying and thus the herbicide ends up in places it is not intended for, including water courses.

This is also fairly often the case with farmers applying glyphosate, whether it is Monsanto's Roundup or another generic version, at inappropriate times and weather conditions.

Thus it is hardly any wonder that the stuff is prevalent everywhere and that traces of it have been found in human urine. The use of it on crops, despite the fact that the likes of Monsanto are trying to convince us that the stuff is safe, will be a contributing factor to the results of the study as will be the fact that glyphosate is being sprayed for weed control also by local authorities, as described above.

The only way to get it out of the system – ours and that of plants and other animals – is to stop using it and that also includes all the GM crops that have been created to be Roundup resistant. The crops may be resistant but we are not.

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