fracking-diagramLush Cosmetics have given their 105 UK and Irish shops – their windows, their staff and their online channels – to grassroots activist group Frack Off. For ten days all Lush shops will host a ‘Don’t Frack our Future’ campaign that has been devised for the high street by Frack Off and campaigners at Lush Cosmetics.

A central tool for the Frack Off/Lush campaign is an animation explaining the process of unconventional oil and gas extraction in the context of a family’s resistance to fracking in Lancashire [1].

During the ten days of this campaign the UK’s first shale oil site near the West Sussex village of Balcombe could become operational. The preparatory work for a 914 metre shale well has been started, making this community yet another battleground of Britain’s unconventional gas rush [2].

Activists from Frack Off have hosted training sessions for all Lush staff – both at national managers’ meetings and – in situ – on the shop floor. More than 150,000 people will be engaged during the 10-day campaign.

Tamsin Omond, head of global campaigns at Lush Cosmetics said: “When we inform our customers that fracking and unconventional gas extraction is coming to the UK and Ireland they freak out. The idea that politicians are risking our water supply and our air quality so that energy companies can drill deep beneath our land goes against all common sense. This campaign will educate tens of thousands of people about the threat of fracking to their communities. With the success of community-led activism in France, Bulgaria, Australia, the United States and all around the world, I have no doubt that we will keep the frackers from our land.”

Doreen Stopforth from Lancashire said: “People have got to find out about fracking. It's on my doorstep now, but it could be yours next. We unfortunately in Lancashire are the beginning of it. But people in other parts of the country have got to realise that it is coming to them as well and we need to stop this now!”

Andi Walsh from Frack Off said: “Balcombe joins communities at Airth near Falkirk fighting Coal Bed Methane, residents in Lancashire fighting Shale Gas and towns and village along the north east coast from Alnwick to Sunderland fighting Underground Coal Gasification”.

“When it comes to issues like fracking, where human health and our shared environment are under threat, we have to question whether those in power are even capable of putting the interests of the general public first”

Watch this animated which film explains fracking in the UK:

For a full picture of where unconventional gas extraction is planned:

Source: Frack Off and Lush Cosmetics

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