BlackBerry 9900 Bold battery problems

BlackBerry 9900 Bold battery problems hack

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

blackberry_bold_9900_whiteQuite a few users of this version of the BlackBerry are reporting problems with battery life and I experienced that, every now and then, the battery life falls from a about a day and a half to five hours, and that without actually making calls and such like.

While it is true that the battery drains anyway simply because the device is on and even more so if it has to look for a signal when you move from cell to cell there seems to be serious problem with the BlackBerry 9900 Bold in general when the default settings are in use and when certain apps are on.

If your battery is draining fast on this type of BlackBerry – and many experience that problem, as said – there are a few hacks that may extend the battery life.

  1. Shut down all unnecessary apps running

  2. Set to G3 (and manual)

  3. Remove automatic compression for media card

  4. Take out battery and clean the contacts (this, in conjunction with point 3 above, could be the most important thing to do).

  5. Turn your device off at night when you don't have need of it.

Those few things have, as far as my BlackBerry 9900 is concerned, solved the problem in that now, instead of running down in less than five to six hours, holds a charge for more than a day, given no lengthy calls are made.

I have to add that I only use my BlackBerry for telephone calls and the sending of text messages, plus the camera. Those using data operations, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. may have less battery life as I experience.

A good advice is also to top up the battery whenever possible by sticking the device on charge. The battery does not mind being topped up and does not every now and then have to be drained all the way as used to be the case with the old style cell phone batteries, so you cannot do it any harm.

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