History is a lie and Religion a control system

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The FarfarersHistory is a lie; it is written by the victors, it was once said, but in fact it is also been written by the powers-that-be to oppress the people.

Religion is a control system; especially here organized religion and, as Marx so rightly said, it is the opium of the people. Organized religion, especially the three Abrahamaic ones, have been used from day one as a means to control the people and to make them subservient to authority. Religion destroys spirituality.

Money is one big fraud and gold and silver too. The only true measure is labor. Nothing else is of any value. Alternative currencies that work in hours of labor are the real true alternative to money that is issued by the world's banks.

Debt is a fiction. It is based on usury and the funny thing here, if it would not be so tragic, is that the system of interest on loans, thus usury, has been created by a group whose religion expressly forbids usury. One of the reason that Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers at the Temple.

Media are manipulation and are destroying information and truth. Most of the world's media are owned by a little over a handful of large corporations who, predominately, peddle the lies given them too disseminate by the powers-that-be. The governments are doing their utmost to discredit alternative media outlets and the reason for the attempts of blocking Internet sites has very little to do with protecting the children from Internet porn but everything to do with stopping people from getting their news from other sources, real news and truth.

This is not new, admittedly, and was thus already during the Cold War when the way to go was to listen to both sides and then find the middle path and discern the truth.

Today, with the Internet, the dissemination of information is so much faster and the truth, as they say, will out. So, what are governments to do? They have but the choice of restricting people's access to the Internet and other sources bar their own propaganda.

Governments are corporations. Democracy is but an illusion, a conjuring trick, created by the powers-that-be, to lull the people to sleep, believing that they, the people, can chose who lords it over them. True democracy is not possible in any group larger than 150 people and definitely not in a nation state.

Doctors are destroying health. In fact, the entire so-called health care system is not about promoting health but about treating sickness, the symptoms of it and not the underlying causes. Treating the causes, the g-ds forbid, could actually make people well and thus reduce the profits for doctors, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Police do not protect the people. The ruling by the US Supreme Court of some years ago clearly states, and it would appear that the same attitude now prevails also in the EU, that the task of the police is not to protect (and serve) the people but to enforce the law(s).

In other words most of our countries have become a police state where the thin blue line has become the arm of oppression of the people by the government, in the same way as it was in Hitler's Germany of the first part of the twentieth century.

Lawyers (and judges) destroy the law. Instead of upholding the law lawyers and judges try to make the laws, as was seen not so long ago in Britain when judges demanded that the press needed to be totally regulated – including bloggers. And that is and was just one of those instances.

Judges and lawyers are not lawmakers and need to come to understand this. They are there to see to it that the justice is being done.

Schools and universities destroy knowledge. Schools have but one purpose in most countries and that appears to be to create, as the Prussian school system, for which it was invented with compulsory school attendance, to create slaves to the state, instead of instilling in children the wish to learn and to acquire real knowledge and universities, which ones were places where you went to read – please note the word – this or that subject are today used to brainwash people even further and to destroy real knowledge.

The system of the state school has but one aim and that is to destroy individuality and a questioning mind and to create robots who do as they are told when they are told without questioning.

Governments destroy freedom. Personal freedoms, even those granted by constitutions, are being trodden under foot by governments, with the sheeple standing idle by because they are told that they have to give up those freedoms if they want to have security and protection from terrorist attacks.

Government spy agencies, even those tasked with external intelligence gathering, are riding roughshod over the freedoms of the people at home and monitor their emails, their telephone calls, who they meet and when, etc. and all this in the name of security. Security for whom?

Science is deception. Just because a scientist is said to have discovered this or that does not mean that this is so. Science is not hard facts – mostly – but just theories of how things could be or might have been, the latter when it comes to history, for instance. Saying, for instance, that another European people “discovered” North America well before the arrival of the Vikings is regarded as tantamount to heresy and scientists who have claimed that have been stripped of their titles. The same goes for origin and make up of the Romani, the Gypsy, People.

Many times scientists – those that have kept their titles and risen in the ranks – have manipulated evidence so as to make the facts fit their theories and those of others rather than to come clean and say that things are different and that there are errors in the science. Time and again science is being presented to the people as had facts when it is not.

The system is a lie. The world has been turned upside down where truth is lies and lies are truth.

It is time for the sleeping sheep to wake up and put the wolf in its place.

© 2013