Who owns the area of the oil spill?

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The way it would appear to the casual observer it would appear that BP owns the entire area including the air space, to all intents and purposes, and even owns the Coast Guard to enforce the “do not enter” zone.

Now they are trying to ban people taking photos of animals killed by the oil spill and distributing same.

What is BP trying to hide, just aside from the fact that there were not two but only one blow-out preventer in the oil well. One can but guess that this was all due to trying to save money and doing things on the cheap.

BP is also trying to keep people away from the area so that no one can find out how much oil really has been gushing out and it still gushing out, despite the “cap” that has been put on the well head.

So far, it would appear, this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has dumped about the same amount of oil into the as is the entire annual production of Iran. And all this while the world is, in fact, running out of oil at a speed of knots.

The question must be as to why a corporation can do what BP appears to be doing and can declare an exclusion zone around the oil spill to prevent the media actually getting the facts out to the world?

It would appear that is it high time that those multi-national conglomerates, including the likes of KBR-Haliburton and others, be reigned in and shown that they cannot make up rules like counties and cannot place exclusions zones and other such things willy-nilly around the place.

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