The Web of Life

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Everything is linked; every animal, every tree and every piece of life wherever, is linked in this Web of Life and when one part gets damaged this entire net suffers.

Our ancestors, of far gone days, knew this symbiotic relationship almost instinctively, but the more we have advanced and progressed in sophisticated religion and thought and science the further away we got from this knowledge and understanding.

We do, however, ignore this web at our peril and the current state of the world shows this very well.

Alas, too many of our contemporaries still believe that modern man has the answers to all those problems and that modern man can solve it without paying any heed to the intricacy of this web of all life.

Is not, many say, man the pinnacle of all creation?

In all honesty one can but wonder as to that and the modern acts he is no pinnacle of anything.

It is that attitude, however, that is causing us the problems and the grief of today. Because man thought himself above creation we are in the mess that we are in today as for the environment and everything else is concerned.

Humans are but a cog on the wheel and a strand in the web; they are neither the wheel nor the web but behave is if they be – the great majority that is.

The Abrahamaic religions, and their interpretations, with Christianity at the absolute forefront, have to should the main blame in this.

In the interpretations of the scriptures by especially Christianity the term of “man was given dominion over the Earth” is being misinterpreted as “domination” instead of the true word that was translated into “dominion”, for the truth is that is states that G-d made man to be the husbandman, the steward, of Creation and not to dominate and exploit it.

It, however, suited certain groups to interpret it in this way to make the exploitation of Creation and even other human beings as “legal” under biblical code. But, whatever excuse and explanation they like to use this is not what was intended, and it is time that everyone woke up to that fact.

Man is but a part of the Web of Life and certainly not its crowning glory and the sooner modern man understood that the better things would be.

The ancient ones, as I said before, instinctively understood that they were linked to everything else on the Planet and thus with the Planet Herself by an invisible web, the Web of Life.

The more man advanced, however, and whether we can actually call that advancement, the further away man got from this understanding to the very point when man made religions that would allow him to call all such notion paganism and thus banned.

The result of leaving this path that the ancient ones understood so very well has led us to the road of near destruction and we must make a full U-turn and link back up with Nature and heed Her instructions. We ignore them at our peril and at the peril of our children and children's children.

Let's all rejoin the Web. No, the Web of Life, We have already joined the World Wide one.

© 2010