How do I get rid of Dandelion in my garden?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

This is a question I get asked so many times and to be honest, if I had a Pound for every time I get asked this I could be rich by now.

I really love to see the looks on people's faces when I then tell them “eat them”.

“Eat them?” they normally ask astounded and in disbelief. They look at me with even greater disbelief when I then proceed to tell them – which is the honest truth – that I actually grow Dandelion purposely in my garden.

But the truth is that Dandelion is edible and makes a great salad vegetable and also the flowers can be turned into dandelion wine.

Dandelion is on of the few milky sap plant, if not indeed the only milky sap plant, that can be eaten without any ill effects and which in fact is good for you.

And Dandelion is not the only so-called weed that I “cultivate” for food or medicinal uses. I have also got nettles (not that I need to bother much with cultivating them; they are just there) and Ribwort. The next on the list to get is Common Sorrel.

When I was a child one of my favorite things to eat was Dandelion Sandwiches. Those are simply two slices of bread with butter and chopped Dandelion leaves added. For a better one even use Mayonnaise instead of butter.

So, instead of complaining about Dandelion in your garden go and make use of it.

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