SACK O'VEG – Product Review

Reviewed by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Big bag for storing root crops
Natural Jute allows air to circulate.
Drawstring closure to keep out light
Dimensions: 30" x 20" / 75cm x 51cm approx
Price: £2.90

While we may, theoretically, be just in the middle of summer right now the harvest season will be in full swing soon.

Just in time for the first root crops to be coming on stream, so to speak, from Nether Wallop Trading Co., home of the Paper Potter, comes the SACK O'VEG sack.

This is the big bag for storing your root crop, whether potatoes, carrots, swedes, or others.

The SACK O'VEG is made from natural jute which allows the air to circulate while the drawstring closure at the top keeps vegetables safe from the light. This is the same material from which coffee sacks are made and also, nowadays, may reusable shopping bags.

The sack has also got two strong handles which are equally well suited for carrying as they are for hanging the sack with the vegetables up off the ground and should definitely be large enough to store a good deal of root crop produce. At the price, however, why not get more than one; get a pack of three and save £1.20 in real terms.

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