Stand up for Lawn and Order

June 2010: June brings to mind tea on the lawn, but does your lawn have the edge? One task that makes any garden look perfectly manicured is tidying the edges of the lawn.

A crisp sharp finish not only looks good, it is a practical way to prevent grass and weeds from spreading to and from lawn borders.

Edging the lawn used to be back breaking work done by kneeling your way round the edge. The design team at Fiskars, well known for their use of technology to make gardening easier, have solved this problem.

Fiskars Lifestyle Long Handled Edging Shears take the back ache out of edging by allowing the gardener to stand comfortably.

The hardened steel and coated blades cleanly slice through grass and resist the build up of residue, preventing sticking and rusting. The designers clearly had comfort in mind when they selected lightweight tubular hollow steel shafts to keep the weight to a minimum, and soft grip handles for ease of comfort and control. The final touch of the bumper to prevent any jarring in the cutting process, makes edging the lawn a pleasure and not a chore. The benefits of edging are more than just a neat lawn. Maintaining lawn parameters makes for easier mowing and reduces the spreads of weeds and grass seeds.

Keep the blades close to the edge of the lawn, carefully cutting the overhanging growth rather than the roots or soil. By not exposing too much of the grass root you can prevent sunlight encouraging unwanted weed growth.

If a lawn has uneven edges, a light tapping with the back of a spade should help regain order. It is a good idea to create a narrow gully at the edge of the lawn to help with drainage and aid easy maintenance.

Your Fiskars Edging Shears are also great to keep grass from encroaching on ground cover and bedding plants. These ‘no bend’ shears can be used to trim areas where the mower doesn’t reach such as edges close to walls and fences or around pots.

Fiskars Long Handled Edging Shears have an RRP of £34.99 and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Founded in 1649, Fiskars is one of the western world's oldest companies and is the global No. 1 for hand operated garden tools. Fiskars have long been recognised for superior quality, design and innovation.

Source: Fiskars

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