Enecsys launches first solar PV micro-inverter for European and North American markets

Patented technology improves energy harvest by up to 20% and achieves high-reliability and product life expectancy of at least 25 years

Cambridge, UK, June 2010: Enecsys Limited announces the launch of the first solar PV grid-connected micro-inverter for both the European and North American markets. A solar PV system based on Enecsys micro-inverters will have improved energy harvest and therefore cut the cost of harvested power by up to 20% over the lifetime of the installation compared with a conventional system using string inverters.

The Enecsys solar micro-inverter is also designed for high reliability operation and to have a life expectancy of at least 25 years, thereby matching the life of solar modules to which they are directly connected. In addition, PV systems using Enecsys micro-inverters are simpler to plan, easier to install and intrinsically safer as power conversion from DC to AC is performed at each solar module, eliminating the need for high voltage DC wiring and specialized practices or equipment.

Three product versions are available, one for 200W maximum inverter input power, one for 240W and one for 280W.

The Enecsys micro-inverters operate with both European (220-240Vac, 50Hz) and North American (110-120Vac, 60Hz) electricity grids. Products are presently CE certified and country specific requirements, including VDE V 0126-1: 2006 compliance, are achieved through the use of specific Enecsys installation products.

The North American market certification, UL1741, is expected in July this year.

The exceptional reliability of the Enecsys micro-inverter is achieved through a patented design that embodies three key attributes: a rugged topology, a component set based on high temperature rating and reliability, and a unique patented energy control technique.

The Enecsys micro-inverter is first to use thin film capacitors instead of less reliable electrolytic capacitors and eliminates the use of opto-couplers, which are also known to have relatively poor reliability.

Reliability has been verified through industry-standard accelerated life tests including temperature cycling to IEC61215, the same methodology used to evaluate solar PV modules. It is the only inverter specified to maintain full performance from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C, and achieves peak efficiency of 94.1% over this temperature range.

The Enecsys micro-inverter is equipped with a robust built-in ZigBee wireless communication system that connects to the Internet via a gateway. It provides detailed information on the performance of each solar module, a capability not available with string inverters. This comprehensive monitoring system uniquely gives users and installers detailed real-time information to ensure that the solar system is operating with optimized performance over the life of the installation.

The Enecsys micro-inverter is currently in field trials with a limited number of lead customers. The micro-inverter system, including monitoring and a 20-year warranty will be priced competitively. Its full commercial launch is expected later this year, at which time pricing information will be available.

Enecsys Limited, develops, manufacturers, and markets world leading, highly reliable grid-connected solar micro-inverters and monitoring systems that offer an outstanding value proposition for solar PV systems. The micro-inverter converts and controls the DC power from each solar module into clean AC power for supply to the electricity grid. The advantages of Enecsys solar micro-inverters include: maximized energy harvest, improved safety, increased lifetime and reliability, enhanced monitoring capability, and simplified PV array design and installation. The monitoring system tracks, in real-time, each PV modules performance through a robust built-in wireless communication system that connects to the Internet via a gateway. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, the company also has a sales and support office in Frankfurt, Germany. For more information, please visit http://www.enecsys.com.

Source: TechnoPR