British firm cuts ties with Israeli company over flotilla incident

A good start finally. A total boycott is needed.

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

RedRat has decided that, due to Israel's Gaza policy, it can no longer work with long-standing clients Disk-In Pro but does hope to renew cooperation in future.

British company RedRat announced to Israeli company Disk-In Pro that despite years of cooperation, it would no longer work with the Israeli company because of Israel's policy in the Gaza Strip.

RedRat Ltd., based in Saffron Walden, in the county of Essex, in the UK, specialize in computer based infrared remote control.

"A few days ago we received an email from RedRat which said they would not continue to work with us because of the flotilla events," Dana Levinger, marketing manager at Disk-In Pro, states.

"We are a planning company which also sets up visitors centers. RedRat sells us external cards that enable control of televisions and projectors, and we have worked with them for seven years," Levinger continued

"We contacted them to order equipment about two weeks ago and didn't get any reply," she continues. "Then we get this mail, written by someone whom we don’t usually work with. In reply, we sent a mail expressing our regret that they mix politics and business and see only one side. We can easily buy their equipment, even now, from a sister company in France, but in light of that email, we don't want them to profit from us."

When told to go to hell the Israelis, as per usual, get smug as if it is all someone else's fault and not theirs. This attitude is not one that should make them friends but, alas, they do have friends in high places rather, and I am not talking about G-d.

RedRat said that they currently have no other Israeli business partners, but that if they had, they would cease working with them too.

At least one British company is happy enough to cut their ties with companies working in Israel and Israeli companies and it would be good to see a total boycott of Israeli goods and services, whether in the field of computer, agricultural produce, or whatever else.

The Israelis now try to say that a “conscience-stricken” British person and company is not allowed to boycott an Israeli company as, after all, Israel has a free trade agreement with Britain, and a company cannot just decide independently to drop all connections with Israel for political reasons.

I must be hearing things... A “free” company can do as it likes in regards to dealing with another company in another country, whether for economic or political reasons.

In some quarters the decision of RedRat, unfortunately so far only a single company that we are aware of, to cease cooperation with an Israeli company as antisemitism.

Antisemitism it is for them each and every time that someone says something about their actions in the Middle East and their oppression of another people who, and maybe they have forgotten that, are also the offspring of Abraham and hence, guess what, in all theory, Semitic and blood-brothers.

Israel needs to be given a serious reality check by the world but, alas, the governments of Britain and the USA will hardly play ball in any actions against the Zionists state.

I must say that it would not surprise me if the British government should not reproach RedRat for its stance.

What are our trade unions doing in the UK as regards to the issue in Israel and the Zionist piracy on the high seas? So far I have seen nothing from the likes of Unison, nor any other of the unions.

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