Dean of White House Press Corps forced to resign

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Helen Thomas, Dean of the White House Press Corps has been forced to resign after comments that the Jews should “get the h*** out of Palestine.”

This shows, once again, that one is not permitted, anywhere bar certain places that the “West” deems terrorist states, to question anything that the illegal Zionist entity called “Israel” does.

Israel commits acts of piracy on the high seas and gets away with it with only a few comments from around the “free” world while any other state that would do that or people, as in the case of the Somali pirates, get immediately attacked and in more than just words.

The state of Israel was created by simple piracy itself; by dispossessing the People of Palestine, when Ashkenazi Jews from Europe simply moved in and took over, claiming that land as theirs by right. By what right?

And the UN acquiesced this act of occupation because the US had the controlling power then still in the United Nations and the strength of the Jewish lobby in America.

Britain, whose job it should have been, as the country holding the protection power for Palestine, to protect the Palestinians just cut and ran and let it happen, but not after, it has to be admitted, suffering serious casualties when Jewish terrorists blew up the King David Hotel.

So, by what right did the Zionists take over Palestine and called it Israel? They claim a G-d-given one for this and this is a load of bull dust, as most of those that went there were no more observant religious than my chickens.

It would appear that when it comes to Israel and the Jews there is one law for them and one for the rest of the world.

If the Jews have a right to their own country and are allowed to simply annex and occupy the land of someone else because of the fact that they suffered in the Holocaust then what about the Romani People, the Gypsy People?

The Rom are a People who have suffered the same fate as the Jews under the Nazis and lost, when it comes to percentage, more of their members by far than did the Jews. But the Jews not only are permitted to have a state and do what they like; nay, they are also still allowed to dominate the Holocaust issue with claiming it basically as entirely and uniquely a Jewish thing.

However, one is not allowed to say anything even when one's own People are insulted by comments from that other quarter of “the Jews were sent to the gas because of their race and religion but Gypsies were sent there because they were asocial”. Such are comment that are, in fact, made to members of the Romani People frequently when they visit Auschwitz and such other places, and made by members of the Jewish group.

The race laws were first enacted against the Romani People of Europe, especially to start with against the Sinti in Germany, and the small number of Roma that was then in that country.

For the Gypsy it was just a continuation of the anti-Gypsy policies of the Weimar Republic and the Kaiser Reich. Those policies were based basically on race alone. It was the foreign element of the Gypsy that the authorities objected to.

While, however, there seems to be a special dispensation towards the Jews, and the Zionist state, from the powers of the area formerly known as the “West”, others seem to have little or no rights, whether Gypsies or Palestinians.

The Gypsies in Palestine, under Israeli occupation, or in the state of Israel, the Dom, are, primarily, treated as fourth-class citizens, if they are even regarded as citizens.

Even the proper Hebraic Jews, those that have always been in Palestine, are treated on a lower rank as do the Ashkenazim, and Palestinians are third-class, if they happen to be citizens of Israel at all.

The behavior of the government of Israel towards the people of the country, including its own, is very similar to that of the Nazis, as can be seen now for the fact that the Arab-Israeli MK, Haneen Zuabi, is facing being removed from the Knesset in order for her to be able to be prosecuted by the state for the fact that she was aboard the aid flotilla that was attacked by the IDF.

The actions during the military operations in Gaza in 2009 where children were gunned down by Israeli tank crews as they came out of a building under the white flag of truce is no different than what the Nazis did.

But, if one is to believe Mark Regev (Friedman), the spokesman for the Zionist government, then it was all defensive actions by Israel. Oh dear!

Regardless of all this it would appear to be illegal to make mention of such facts and to call for a free Palestine when one sits in Washington or London, I guess.

© 2010