Fiskars PowerGear Pruners – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

More power with less effort

The PowerGear technology employed with those pruners optimizes cutting power, enabling the user to tackle thicker stems effortlessly, whilst reducing strain on wrists.

The rotating handle does take a little getting use to but once that has happened, about five minutes after you have started using it, you wonder how you ever have managed with any other kind of pruner.

The large bypass pruner that I got with the Press Pack at the Garden Press Event 2010, and which I had wanted to do a review on for months now, can cut, according to the information, stems up to 20mm in diameter and as that is given for green wood and I have managed to cut dead wood – though for that anvil pruners should, rightly be used – the cutting power is tremendous.

The pruners cut effortlessly through the given size and that nigh on even in dead wood and this style definitely could become the choice for the serious gardener and professional.

The PowerGear pruners are somewhat chunkier than most conventional ones and hence might not, as easily, be accommodated in belt holsters, I am afraid, but that is just a little side comment. Maybe Fiskars could design a belt holster specifically for the PowerGear range.

A very well designed Bypass Pruner that has really got some power.

A very interesting thing is the little screw at the PowerGear handle area that allows for adjusting the opening width. Something that could be handy for some size hands, pardon the pun.

Made in Finland.

© 2010