Grow a Healthy Family Together with Amber’s Garden

Planting Seeds for Life!

CARLSBAD, CA – June 2010 – It's summer, the perfect time for children and parents to get outdoors, enjoy the sunlight, plant a garden, and spend time with loved ones.

However, children are increasingly staying indoors, and spending over 44 hours per week staring at some kind of electronic screen. Children can identify up to 1,000 corporate logos, but fewer than 10 plants or animals native to their backyard.

Fortunately, this summer, Connie Henderson, an inspirational mother and founder of Amber’s Garden, is offering ideas for bringing parents and children together in their own backyard.

“As a busy working mom, I was inspired by my daughter Amber to find ways to encourage parents to spend time with their kids and get in touch with nature,” says Amber’s Garden founder Connie Henderson. “I am excited to share the following activity ideas that Amber and I enjoy during summer.”

Grow A Vegetable Garden Together: Amber’s Garden ready-to-plant vegetable garden mats are a great and easy way to grow a healthy family together. Pre-seeded veggie mats take the guess work out of what to plant and how to plant it, making gardening fun and easy for everybody. Soon, families can enjoy their own homemade and homegrown gourmet salads, vegetables, herbs, and salsa!

Make A Rain Gauge: Making a rain gauge is easy, and it makes a summer thunderstorm a lot of fun! All you need is a clear jar or bottle, tape and a paper ruler. You can make your own rain gauge; you may want to wrap your ruler with plastic wrap so it doesn't get smeared in the rain. Just line the bottom of the ruler up with the bottom of the jar, and attach it with a few pieces of tape. Set it out a storm, and you can measure exactly how much rain falls!

Make A Scarecrow: Hammer two narrow boards in a cross. Use one of your old shirts, pants, shoes, mittens, and accessories for the body. Head can be an old t-shirt stuffed and rubberbanded.

“My passion is to create simple ways for families to grow together, and educate their children about where food comes from and how to eat healthy. This is important for all of us,” says Henderson.

Amber’s Garden was founded by Connie J. Henderson and inspired by her daughter, Amber, in an effort to increase awareness for children about the impact they have on the earth, and help them understand where their food comes from. Ready-to-plant vegetable garden mats were created to enhance the outdoor living experience with complete vegetable kits that take the guesswork out of planting with seed packets. Educating kids about the importance of recycling, conservation and the reduction of waste creates an environment ripe for activities such as gardening, cooking and learning how to eat healthy. Pre-seeded veggie mats are a great lifestyle fit for busy families, novice or elderly gardeners, or those who have limited space. We want everyone to dig in the dirt!

Pre-seeded vegetable garden mats take make gardening fun and easy for everybody, with no transplanting necessary. Each mat comes with seeds already spaced, enveloped in a material that is 100% biodegradable and acts as a weed barrier for the first 8-10 weeks. Simply place mats in a sunny spot of amended garden soil (or cut mats into sections to fit perfectly in patio containers) cover as directed with top soil, and water according to directions. In as little as 3-5 days veggies begin to sprout, and harvesting begins in as little as 30 days – lasting all summer long!

Amber’s Garden offers several varieties of vegetable kits – Asian, Herb, Salsa, Pumpkin, Salad, Rainbow Crop, and Summer Crop. Large mats measure 6’ x 14” and small mats measure 18” diameter. Amber’s Garden products are available in retail stores Murdoch’s Ranch Home Supply, Plow and Hearth, Teak, Wicker and More, Bricklewood or on-line at,, and The suggested retail prices ranges from $9.99 to $19.99.

Source: Amber's Garden

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