Question authority & think for yourself

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While this is something that has gotten me into hot water more than once I will continue to do this and I advice everyone to do the same, whether as regards to issues regarding climate change and how they affect us – and by golly, will that affect us – or as to what is green and what is not, or to what our governments tell us.

Climate Change is real but the term global warming that has been employed all those previous days is misleading and it has been obvious to me for a very long time.

In addition to that all the efforts, currently undertaken, officially, to reduce CO2 and other GHGs, especially by using bio-fuels and hybrid cars is a joke and will get us nowhere bar deeper into the you-know-what.

A total and complete rethink of how we live and do things is required and not just a rethink but a complete and utter U-turn if we really want to stand a chance to continue living on this Planet.

There is so much greenwash out there with governments and industry heading those that talk it all the time.

Hybrid cars are what? No, they are not half-gas half-electric. They need gasoline to run and use inertia energy too charge a battery that can be used on certain occasions. Hybrids are a joke. We need real electric cars and vans and not hybrids.

And in general we will have to rethink the ways we travel and get about, and not just think about it but actually do it. Walking and cycling will have to become, once again, the primary mode of transportation, with public transport for longer distances, such as trains.

Farm operations may, once again, use the horse and cart for transportation and the horse with plow and other implements for other operations. The rest will have to be done by people again and also oxen.

But the governments are not going to tell you that it will be that radical that we will have to change. But we will have to do it or we have no chance of survival on the Earth. The Planet cannot support our current affluence. The American way of life currently meant that the USA requires around three Earths in order to support that way and that just is not feasible.

Does anyone really tell you that, however. No, they do not. Thus questions everything and think for yourself.

And this applies for everything that those that think they are in authority say, for doping they do something entirely different most of the time.

They do not like when you do that and neither when you think for yourself but you must do it in order to be better prepared.

Do not accept as gospel anything anyone – especially people who think that they are in charge and have power over you – try to tell you. There are hidden agendas in most places and that includes especially the churches and not just the Roman church.

Many so-called real Christian churches are run by people who are power crazy and who are hungering after total authority over other human beings. Too many times have I seen it and experienced it.

The campaign against the Health Care Bill that President Obama tried to introduce in the USA is a prime example here when and where pastors of various churches claimcs, for instance that if Prof. Hawkins would be living in the UK he would be left to die. Well he lives in the UK and is very much being cared for through the British National Health Service.

However, even when Prof. Hawkins came to the States trying to rectify those false claims those selfsame pastors and leaders continued with their lies, even claiming that it was Prof. Hawkins who was lying.

Thus, question every authority and especially that of supposed leaders of churches and such like.

As far as the churches and their claims go, do question everything and search for the truth yourself. You do not need anyone interpreting anything for you. Think for yourself and do the same with regards to everything.

I see a lot of falsehood amongst the so-called American patriot movement where emails with stuff are being circulated, 90% of which is stuff that has been made up.

One of those “sources” is someone who calls him- or herself “Christian Research”, trying to make himself important, who circulates material that could even be seen as treasonous, because the material is slandering the current President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama. Material which is made up by that person or others of equally ill intent.

While, as said, I question everything and hence have no time for any leaders of any kind, including the supposed ones of my own People, I do find it rather distasteful when people make up lies and more than that about others.

The cold war, to a degree, also ran on that as did the “weapons of mass destructions” that Sadam Hussein supposedly had in Iraq capable of reaching UK targets within 45 minutes. The latter was intelligence gathered by some agent from a taxi driver in Baghdad. But that “intelligence” was used as an excuse for going to war against Iraq.

The true reason was? Just one word made of three letters O-i-l. The only reason. Not freeing the people of Iraq, not chemical and biological weapons, not fighting Al Qaida; the reason was simply oil.

Afghanistan is the same. It also is all about oil even though the country has none. It is, however, strategically positioned to but Iran between the anvil and the hard place. That is also why the “war” is now being extended into Pakistan and is being referred to already as the “Af-Pak” conflict.

Oil is also the reason why the US and other NATO countries have bases in the other -stans, such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan; both countries where human rights are trodden underfoot on a daily basis. Together with Af-Pak and Iraq the powers-that-be thus have Iran in a pincer and Iran could very well be the next target.

Why this issue with oil, ask yourself. Why do we fight wars over it, as this very moment?

It points to something they are not going to tell us – yet again – and that is that we have reached and gone past Peak Oil and it is about securing the oil ensuring that no one but they have the hand on the tap.

I hope I have given you here some pointers as to why you should question authority and think for yourself in all matters. We are all being lied to by the powers-that-be on a daily, nay hourly, basis.

© 2010